Be part of 108 Blessed Families this year! KRIPA Homam The first 108 families received their Blessed Idols (Sri Venkateswarar / Sri Varasiddhi Vinayagar) and SVT Life Memberships. Next lot of 108 are in progress. Join now to be part of this great induction and receive the idol as a blessing from this divine temple. A wonderful program to bring Blessings of Lord Ganesha & Lord Venkateswara to your family, especially the children, for their spiritual welfare & development for years to come!

SVT has created this noble program to help Hindu families develop their children spiritually and bring a devotional attachment to our temple, as a way of life in their future. In the past years families have received their blessings with special Homam & Presentation of Vigraha (idol) and SVT Life Certificates.

Here’s how you too can be part of this program. We invite 108 families to receive special blessings that include a vigraha of Lord Venkateswara or Lord Ganesha, a Life Membership of SVT amidst Pooja ritual and Slokas educational presentation. These vigrahas are blessed, not consecrated, so a simple Pooja at home is all that is expected. This program has been blessed and approved size/details of vigrahas) by Hindu Scholars & priests for home Pooja.

SVT Committee has also appointed a reputed sthapati from India to custom-create only 108 vigrahas of Lord Venkateswara & Lord Ganesha to be handed over to 108 families on an auspicious day of Homam to bless each vigraha. Made of panchaloka (alloy of 5 metals) and crafted with artistic skills using age-old technique called lost-wax process, each piece is unique, measure 8” in height & finished with beauty & splendour of the Lord. In all His divinity, He is coming to light up your home & your children’s future homes! Furthermore, every child on their birthday is blessed with special Archana & prasadams sent to them. With your support, we hope to expand this noble effort in future. Kripa Program children can be part of Spiritual Retreats & Classes at SVT to impart Spiritual Knowledge.

We invite you & your family to take part in this wonderful program by sponsoring $1001. For more information, please email Thanks for your support.

Thought | Question posed to HH Swami Vivekananda : What do you gain by Prayer? His response: I gained NOTHING. In fact, I LOST Anger, Depression, Jealousy, Irritation & Insecurity.