GO’Samrakshanam @ SVT

The Cows and Calves have been transferred to a Vet’s facility for check up and rehabilitation. They will be back at our premises in due course of time. Hence, Go-Poojas have been temporarily suspended and would re-commence soon after their arrival.
The Management is thankful for your understanding and cooperation.

Our HINDU Sanatana (Eternal) Dharma states that pure Seva is to respect and worship lower forms of life, like animals and plants. Vedas depict GO’Samrakshana and GO’Matha Pooja – ritual service to the holy cow as the Mother of all such sevas. Our Hindu traditions and scriptures indicate special auspicious status in safe guarding and maintaining Cows. As cows are being looked upon as symbol of Mother and it is our duty as Hindu to offer protection to the holy cow. SVT GO’Shala (cow shelter) was started to take care of the cow and calf. The purpose is not for dairy products for commercial use, but for Abhishegam and Neivedyam to the deities and provide opportunity to perform GO’Matha Pooja.

It’s auspicious to do GO’Samrakshana i.e. contribute towards welfare of a cow with a calf as part of House warming Ceremony for a newly constructed house, Wedding in the family, as part of anniversary ceremonial rituals in memory of departed beloved or to simply wither out sins.

You can sponsor towards cost of maintaining the cow & calf for ONE year or for SIX Months or for THREE months or just a month. Your can donate as small as $51/- towards maintenance and up keep of our cows per month.

For more details or if you would like to be part of this project and/or sponsor please contact us via ecm01@svtsydney.org or 0433118811

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