SAHASRA KALASA ABHISHEKAM – Saturday, the 7th March 2020

The significance of the ritual Sahasra kalasa’abhisehham to Lord Almighty Sri Venkateswara,gives us the sanctity of bathing in all the holy rivers (Theertha Yatra) to wash away all our sins and purify ourselves!! This is performed on the auspicious day by segregating the path of Bhramasthanam, Devasthanam and Ma’anushasthanam… and by consecrating relevant Devathas and Theertha Devathas onto ‘1001 Kalasams‘ @ SVT Helensburgh.

Programme on 7th March 2020

08.30 AM – Sankalpam, Punyakavachanam & Kalasa Sthapanam.

09.00 AM – Moola Mantra Homam

10.30 AM – Abhishekam followed by Alankaram & Sodosa Upacharam,

01.30 PM – Garuda Sevai

The rituals will be followed by AnnaDhanam.



Abhishekam – $151

Archana       – $ 20

Kalasam      – $ 10


Om Namo Narayanayah!!                 Om Sri Baghavathae Vasudevayah!!                Om Sri Venkatesayah!!

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