Vaikunta Ekadashi is the Shukla Paksha Ekadashi, that occurs during the Dhanu month in the Hindu calendar.

Lord Vishnu opened the gate of Vaikuntham (his abode) for two demons in spite of their being against him. They also asked for the boon that whoever listens to their story and sees the image of Vishnu coming out of the door, called Vaikuntha Dwaram, will reach Vaikuntham as well.

According to Padma Purana, the female energy of Lord Vishnu slayed the demon Muran and protects the ‘Devas’. This happened on the eleventh day of lunar month during the sun’s journey in the Dhanurrashi. Impressed by the act, Vishnu names her as ‘Ekadashi’ and gives her the boon that, those who worship ‘Ekadashi’ on the day of her victory over Muran would reach ‘Vaikuntham’ (His abode).

Date & Time: Tuesday the 18th December 2018 – Commencing at 09.00 AM

Programme: SWARGA VASSAL DHARISANAM ; Utsavar Purappadu ; Abhishekam & Alankaram for Moolavar (main deity); Oonjal Seva; Thiru Kalyana Utsavam.

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May Lord shower his blessings.

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