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Sponsorships are invited to meet the floral expenses during major Festivals like “Brahmotsavam” and “Mahotsavam” and throughout the year in general. Individuals / Groups can sponsor towards meeting the expenses on floral arrangements / garlands, decorations, Poojas etc.

One may appreciate the fact that, it is imperative that the deities are adorned with nice garlands and floral arrangements. This is not only to please the eyes and minds of the devotees but to maintain the sanctity as well.

Garlands that adorn the deities, can be sponsored for any day during the year. It could be a special day in your family. Click here to go to SVT Garlands Online Donation page.


Thank you for donating us much needed funds. If you wish to remain anonymous, you may contact any of the SVT Committee members or the Treasurer.

Besides ensuring poojas are performed to highest standards, temple is constantly undertaking major capital works and maintenance programs. Some of the major plans are:

  • Improvement and Maintenance works on Temple / Sanctums
  • Construction of Function Centre
  • Improvement and Maintenance of Marquee
  • Landscaping around the temple
  • Improvements to Canteen/storage/kitchen & eating areas

Donations to above works to the temple may be made by Cheque (endorsed Not negotiable) made payable to “SVT Association Inc”. Post the cheque to The Treasurer, SVT Association Inc. Temple Road, Helensburgh, NSW 2508.

Donations to SVT Association are not Tax Deductible. However Donations to Sri Venkateswara Education Building Fund (SVEBF) are. Click here to go to Donate Online page for SVEBF. Donations to SVT to the value of $6000 or above, confers Patron status on Donor.

Click here to go to SVT Donate Online page

Note: If you wish to discuss or pay by Internet Banking or Credit Card, please call Treasurer or email :

Your donation may fit into one of the categories below:

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