Poojas, Festivals & Special Occasions

Our temple has a full complement of priests to serve the devotees for poojas and other family occasions such as Wedding, Birthdays and Private Functions including Car or House Warming etc.. The priests are all very well qualified and well versed in Agama Sastras & languages such as Sanskrit, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu besides English. Devotees have praised their high standard of performance and the manner in which poojas and abhisekams are conducted with dedication & quality. We have taken steps to ensure that the temple will always have the required number of priests at major functions by employing additional local priests as & when required.

Community Or Family Events At SVT

Both Shiva and Balaji temples regularly hold major community events, such as Sankara Jayanthi, Annamcharya Jayanthi or special Bhajans, Carnatic or Hindustani musical events, Children’s events, Gita/Upanishad Lectures, Swamiji Talks and other functions both indoor & outdoor. Temple can provide full Event Management support from concept to execution, promotion/advertisements, email notifications, stage & sound systems, catering etc. We also encourage community & family groups to rganise such art/cultural events at suburbs, in aid of Temple Funds, for the promotion of religious education for children. Temple can assist with ‘Darshan’ of Utsavamoorthy by Priests.

Canteen, Catering, Annadhanam Etc.

Temple canteen is recognised for its fresh, tasty, quality snacks at reasonable prices on weekends and holidays. Our preparations are sought after for wedding & other caterings within the temple. All preparations are done with fresh ingredients in a modern, new, clean kitchen that serves foods promptly. Tea/Coffee facilities are available. Re-Heating, Food Serving areas, Cold Room, Gas stoves and other facilities are provided to devotees for special occasions, private or public.

Click here to access online SVT Catering Request Form

Canteen Operating hours are 10am-4pm every weekend and public holidays.

Join as Volunteer at the Canteen: It is fun and scheduled to cater to your time & availability. Call now to join as volunteer and serve the temple.

Flowers & Garland Making

Every Thursday early morning, groups of ladies buy fresh flowers from markets & make garlands and decorative flower strings for all deities at the temple. This wonderful service has been going for several years. We can help your wedding or other needs for garlands. We are in the process of establishing a flower garden within the temple compound so that the flowers grown can be used for garlands for the deities and for poojas. You would have noticed that a beautiful garden is established near the Sri Balaji temple complex. Flower plants and creepers too have been planted along the fence.

Shower, Toilets, Mother’s Room, First-Aid Etc.

We have modern toilets, shower facilities, mother’s rooms and Medical Rooms catering to increasing demands of devotees. Besides fresh clean showers, the devotees will have access to first-aid & other needs.

Education, Cultural Hall

Plans are well underway to build a 400 seat Education Hall where functions can be held. Along with modern multimedia facilities, it’ll be equipped with Library, Meditation Hall and Archives of Video/photos of the temple for devotee’s perusal. Donations are welcome.

Marquee (Outdoor Function Area)

For major events, private functions (to accommodate up to 600 people) like Wedding Muhurthams, with Reception, Lunch and Musical treats held outside near the outdoor stage. We have built a marquee area with full catering facility (both Temple Canteen and/or from outside)

Please click here to book online for Marquee facilities.

Kalyana Mandapam

A group of devotees have donated a Kalyana Mandapam to the temple, which is now available for those who wish to have weddings at the Marquee area and other special poojas (Kalyana Utsavam) within the temple. The temple will also undertake the decoration of the mandapam with fresh flowers, if requested at an additional cost.

For more information in any of the above facilities click here to book online or email functions@svtsydney.org

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