SVT Souvenir Shop

  • Sloka Books in Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam , Kannada and English
  • Pooja items including Panchapatra, pooja Bell, Brass lamps, copper pooja utensils etc
  • Japa mala: Rudraksha mala, Spatika Ganesh, Linga and mala, Tulsi Mala, Chandan mala, Navaratna Mala
  • Prints & 3D pictures of Hindu Gods & Goddess
  • Devotional CD, VCD and DVD
  • Artificial flower Garlands
  • ‘Pancha Deepa’ Pooja Oil
  • Stickers both for Cars and Pooja room
  • Small idols for mounting on Car Dashboards
  • A large selection of Agarbathis & Sambrani
  • Navagraha vasthrams
  • Mantra chanting devices
  • Yantras both framed and unframed
  • Costume Jewellery , key rings, bracelets etc with religious themes
  • Commemorative T shirts

A special note to devotees visiting the store:
Kindly DO NOT open the packaging to view the items and / or misplace the items as the shops are maintained by volunteers only.

Please email to if need any other information about souvenir items.

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