Loans to SVT

Loans (Interest-Free) – Any Amount Welcome; Repaid At Call

Thank for lending us much needed funds. SVT appreciates your kind-hearted contribution. These loans being interest free are repayable at call. You may contact any of the SVT Committee members or the Treasurer.

These funds would enable the temple to undertake major capital works and maintenance programs. Some of the major plans are:

  • Improvement & Maintenance works on Temple / Sanctums
  • Construction of Annapurna Nilayam
  • Improvement and Maintenance of Marquee
  • Landscaping around the temple

Contributions to above works or simple loans to the temple may be made by Cheque (endorsed Not negotiable) made payable to “SVT Association Inc”. Post the cheque to The Treasurer, SVT Association Inc. Temple Road, Helensburgh, NSW 2508.

Note: If you wish to discuss or pay by Internet Banking or Credit Card, please click here to fill out the form and our temple representative will contact you to discuss further details or speak to, Treasurer or email:

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