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Privacy Policy / Disclaimer

Sri Venkateswara Temple Helensburgh Ltd(SVTHL)., (referred to as ‘Temple’ herein below) is committed to ensure that Members’ Privacy is respected and protected at all times and this policy outlines our ongoing obligations to the Members in respect of how we manage their Personal Information.

We have adopted the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (the Privacy Act). The APPs govern the way in which we collect, use, disclose, store, secure and dispose of Members’ Personal Information.

A copy of the Australian Privacy Principles may be obtained from the website of The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner at

What Is the Scope of SVTHL’s Privacy Policy?

This Privacy Policy addresses our policies and procedures relating to the Personal Information of individuals, such as our member and devotees and others accessing the Website. This Privacy Policy is applicable to the Personal Information of all users of the Website.

What is Personal Information and why do we collect it?

In regard to Privacy Policy the term “Personal Information”, means information, which when considered in combination, identifies a particular individual, such as the individual’s full name (first name and surname together), postal address, date of birth, contact phone number and email address. When certain other non-identifiable information is directly associated with Personal Information, this other information also becomes Personal Information for purposes of this Privacy Policy.

The information will be only used, as and when necessary, for the Temple’s administrative functions and religious activities.


We collect Members’ Personal Information for the primary purpose of providing Membership related services, and Temple related information. We may also use Members’ Personal Information for secondary purposes closely related to the primary purpose, in circumstances where members would reasonably expect such use or disclosure. Members may unsubscribe from our mailing lists at any time by contacting us in writing.

We do not collect sensitive information such as an individual’s racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, membership of a political association, membership of a trade union or other professional body, criminal record or health information. As a religious organisation, Sri Venkateswara Temple Helensburgh Ltd., has some specific requirements from the Members in terms of their religious beliefs which are outlined in the Temple’s constitution document.

Where reasonable and practicable to do so, we will collect Members’ Personal Information only from the Members. The information will be used only by authorised members and officials of the Temple for any communication.

Disclosure of Members’ Personal Information

We will maintain a Register of Members holding the details of membership. Membership Register may also be shared among other members of the Temple upon request. However, on such occasions the following guidelines will be applicable:

  • Members who seek access to Membership Register are required to use this information only for Temple related purposes.
  • The information obtained shall not be used for any marketing or commercial or any unlawful communication or purposes.
  • Members who need access to this Register will send the request in writing, clearly stating the purpose for which the information will be used, giving at-least 30 days of notice in advance.
  • The Temple will take reasonable steps to ensure that the request was for genuine purposes.
  • The Temple has the right to decide on the request based on the purpose.
  • Members who secure such access will need to destroy the data held in all forms after their stated purpose is accomplished, failing which they will be legally liable for any consequences.
  • The Temple may charge an administrative fee for providing any extract of the Membership Register. Members’ Personal Information may be disclosed where required or authorised by law.

Security of Members’ Personal Information

Member’s Personal Information is stored in a manner that reasonably protects it from misuse and loss and from unauthorized access, modification or disclosure.

When Member’s Personal Information is no longer needed for the purpose for which it was obtained, we will take reasonable steps to destroy or permanently de-identify Member’s Personal Information. However, most of the Personal Information is or will be stored in Temple files which will be kept by us during the currency of the membership.

Access to Member’s Personal Information

Members may access the Personal Information we hold about them and to update and/or correct it, subject to certain exceptions. If Members wish to access their Personal Information, they may request the Temple in writing.

The Temple will not charge any fee for such access request, but may charge an administrative fee for providing a copy of the Personal Information.

Members may expect a response from the Temple within 30 days of receiving any such requests. In order to protect Members’ Personal Information, we may require identification from the requestor before releasing the requested information.

Maintaining the Quality of Member’s Personal Information

It is an important to us that Members’ Personal Information is up to date. We will take reasonable steps to make sure that Member’s Personal Information is accurate, complete and up-to-date. If Members find that the information we have is not up to date or is inaccurate, they may advise us as soon as practicable so we can update our records and ensure we can continue to provide quality services to Members.

Online Donors, Subscribers and Users of Online Services

  • Online Donors, Subscribers and User of Online Services are those who provide their personal information like Names, Email Address, Phone Numbers etc. While booking for Online Ritual Services or offering various donations to the Temple.
  • The information thus collected are strictly used for the intended purpose and not used for any marketing communication or shared with any third parties outside of the Temple.
    Our privacy policy is to protect and safeguard privacy and confidential information relating to our users, visitors, members and sponsors.
  • SVTHL does not collect any unnecessary information, nor distribute the information externally without the user’s knowledge or consent, nor collect any information without the user’s knowledge or consent.
    At your request (opt-in) SVT sends regular event notifications, newsletters and related information related to temple activities only.
  • SVTHL attempts to store information as securely as possible and does not allow access to this information by external parties unless required by law.
  • SVTHL staff and volunteers who operate the website, or have access to any user information related to it, are subject to the Australian Privacy Act 1988.

Live Streaming

In general terms, live streaming can be referred to simply as streaming, except the multimedia content is received and viewed by the end-user in real-time.

Recording and/or live-streaming services are being made available to devotees, members and general public who are unable to attend in person, or who wish to participate in our services remotely or who are unable to attend the temple but wish to witness those religious functions remotely.

SVTHL to the extent possible, restrict live stream access to just those individuals who need to participate in an event (ex. send invitations and/or dial-in instructions to specific individuals).

We will be sharing the recorded or live-streamed services for public events with the general public, by uploading it to social media and other internet sites.

What data will be collected during a Live Streaming?

  • Voice
  • Image (in video recordings)

Data processors

We use Google & Microsoft 365 products to provide the live streaming/recording service. In providing this service, Google & Microsoft 365 are comply with all data protection obligations that apply to data processors. They will act on our instructions, hold data securely, and retain it for the period we instruct.

Policy Updates

This Policy may change from time to time and is available on our website.

Privacy Policy Complaints and Enquiries

If you have any queries or complaints about our Privacy Policy, they may please contact us at:
The Secretary, Sri Venkateswara Temple Ltd.,
PO Box No. 348, Temple Road, Helensburgh
NSW, 2508.



This site is built, published and maintained on voluntary basis. It is part of SVT Association Inc. activities that are non profit, religious. If any individual or organisation has any objection to any part of this site, kindly contact us, so we can take prompt action. Other than this, the association and the webmaster claim indemnity to any legal action. Unauthorised copying or reproduction from this site is prohibited.

Please bear with us if there are any temporary problems with our online broadcast services if there are any significant technical issues. We strive to ensure that all of our online broadcast services  are held safely and without technical hitches, but it is impossible to eliminate these completely and so, we apologise in advance should there be any disruptions.

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