Dos and Don’ts

SVT Temple Prohibited Items

Sri Venkateswara Temple – Helensburgh

While you are welcome to enjoy the Rituals and the facilities at the Temple,
you are requested to observe certain basic guidelines within the Temple Premises.

Conditions of Entry

What is / are PROHIBITED inside the Temple?

– Footwear, Hats / Caps ;
– Photography of any kind and use of Mobile Phones.*
– Food / Drink consumption.

What is / are PROHIBITED in the Campus Precinct?

– Smoking / Alcohol / Drugs.
– Non-Vegetarian Food.
– Pets / Canines.

What is expected off you as a Devotee / Visitor?

– To be properly attired to access a place of worship.
– To observe / maintain quietness, inside the Sanctum.
– To leave your Footwear at designated areas. Do Not scatter them around the entrances.
– To dispose off wastes in the bins provided. DO NOT LITTER.
– Vehicles shall be parked only at designated parking areas.
– Not to pluck flowers / vegetables / leaves from the gardens.

DO NOT bring / drop human hair in the Hundis
– Proper use of Amenities and facilities.

We humbly request you to adhere to the above conditions.

Help us maintain the Sanctity and Cleanliness in and around the Temple.

* Exceptions – Administrative personnel; Priests; Volunteers on Duty.
** If you need any further clarifications, please contact the temple information desk.

Please refer SVT Customs and Etiquette page for more information.

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