In keeping with age-old tradition of Lord’s Procession through the towns and villages to give His Darshan to devotees, SVT’s Utsavamoorthy Swami (Sri Balaji) and Sri Mahalakshmi (along with Sri Ganesha, if available) will be taken to various suburbs at the request of the local community and given a darshan! This is a wonderful way for you to bring up a special occasion along with local friends and families, gather together and have a divine Bhajan, Prayers and Celebrations. It is a great way to introduce children into joys and celebrations of Hindu festivities and prayers. There’s no more excuse that SVT Helensburgh is too far to go, now the temple and His Darshan is coming to you.

This is how you can help: Simply call us to suggest a day (we prefer FRIDAYS) and we’ll help you arrange a local hall (school halls are ideal as they’re available for a smal cost $30/hr) and the Insurance Cover. We’ll bring the Utsavamoorthy, the Priest and other Pooja items from Helensburgh and perform a wonderful pooja for you and your local community. You could gather by 6pm and people to sing Bhajans, Narrate or Chant Verses, do some children’s activity and of course offer prasadams to conclude the evening by 8.30pm.

Over the years, several suburbs have availed of this opportunity. Folks at Auburn, Hills District, Wollongong Shire, Hornsby, Strathfield, Liverpool etc. had enjoyed the ‘Darshan in the Suburb’.

There’s always a Festival or Celebration…or you don’t need any. Just think of a good theme and get going. Why not email and book one near your place!

A special Darshan of Lord Balaji & Sri Mahalakshmi from SVT can be arranged with sufficient notice, so please join with family & friends to seek your blessings!

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