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Ekadasa Rudra Homam
on Sunday the 25th Feb 2024


Our Salutations to Omnipresent Lord Rudra

Sri Rudram, also known as Rudraprashna, is a hymn devoted to Bhagavan Shiva. Sri Rudram comprises of two parts. The first part known as Namakam is found in the Krishna Yajurveda, Taittariya Samhita in the fourth chapter. The second part known as Chamakam is found in the seventh chapter.

There are several mantras found in Sri Rudram that are used to bring great peace and enlightenment. Foremost among the mantras contained in Rudram are the Panchakshari Mantra; “Om namah Shivaya” ( नमः शिवाय) and Mahaa Mrutyunjaya mantra

                            Tryambakam yajamahe Sugandhim pushtivardhanam

                  Urvarurkamiva bhandhanan mrityor mukshiya mamirtaat.”

                                         त्र्यम्बकं यजामहे सुगन्धिं पुष्टिवर्धनम् ।                                     उर्वारुकमिव बन्धनान् मृत्योर्मुक्षीय मामृतात् ॥

He who has divine fragrance, who makes men powerful and full of plenty; Him we worship, the three-eyed Rudra. As easily as a ripe berry falls from its stalk, release me from death, and let me not turn away from immortality and enlightenment.”

According to Vedic rituals, Ekadasha Rudra homam is a highly desired purification method, to seek the blessings of Sri Rudra. Rithviks recite Eleven recitations of Rudram followed by one Anuvaakam of Chamakam after each Avruthi, invokes the powers of eleven Sri Rudra forms, Pushtivardhanam, Sugandhi and Thryambaka, who are the most significant personalities, improves life longevity, good health and strength.

This year at SVT, Ekadasa Rudhra Homam is being performed as prelude to the Shiva Mahotsavam (29th February 24 till 10 March 2024) on Sunday, 25th February 2024. 

Rithviks from Sydney Veda Patasala, and Vedic and Cultural Centre of Australia will participate and perform “Rudhra Japam”

Commencing at 7.00am with Sri Vigneshwara Pooja – Sankalpam – the rituals continue with 11 Rudhra Jabams; 11 Dravya Abishekams; Vasudhara Homam; Maha Poornahuti; Kalasa Abhishekam for Lord Sri Chandramouleeswarar, Goddess Sri Tripurasundari and Maha Deeparadhanai.

Ritual Donation:

Abhishekam  – $101

Homam         – $101

Archana        – $20

Garland Donation:

Lord Shiva Malai – $135

Goddess Tripurasundari – $95

All are welcome to join and relish the vibration created by Rudhram chanting and receive the blessings of the Lord Sri Chandramouleeswarar.

Om Namashivayah!!                                                     Shivaya Namaha!!


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Thursday 29th February 2024 to Sunday 10th March 2024


"Aum Trayambakam YajaamaheySugandhim Pusti VardhanamUrvaarukamiva BandhanaathMrutyor Muksheeya Maamritaat"

Shiva Mahotsavam…sanctity being…Shiva Aaradhanai is a pathway to achieve fourth Purushartham (Dharma…Artha…Kama…Moksha) as per the skit ‘Gnanam Maheswaraath Ichethu’.

It all starts with, in the month of ‘Aypasi’ – Annabhishegam – continued in the month of ‘Margazhi’ – Arudhradarshan and concludes in the month of ‘Maasi’…MahaSivarathri!

Shiva Mahotsavam is an auspicious festivity to seek blessings from Lord Sri Chandramouleeswarar and Divine Mother Sri Tripurasundari.

At SVT Shiva Mahotsavam 2024 commences on 1st March with the Flag hoisting ceremony and concludes on 10th March 2024.  Meenakshi Thiru’Kalyanam will be performed on Thursday the 7th March. MahaSivarathri on Friday the 8th March and Chariot Festival will be celebrated on Saturday the 9th March, followed by Choorna Utsavam and TheerthaVari Utsavam on the 10th March’24.

As a prelude to the Utsavam, Ekadasa Rudhra Homam will be performed on Sunday the 25th Feb’24 –  Rithviks from ‘Sydney Veda Patasala’ and ‘Vedic & Cultural Centre of Australia’ will participate and perform Rudhra Japam and Homam.

Being an ardent devotee, you are being invited to come and join hands to ensure the Utsavam eventuates successfully. You are also requested to pass on this information, to your friends and relatives and all other passionate devotees of Lord Shri Chandramouleeswarar.  We further believe this great ritual will bring the community members closer together and foster harmony.

Ritual Donations:

Yagasala Homam – $101Abhishekam – $101Archana – $20ThiruKalyanam – $101

Day’s / Part-day’s Sponsorship: $501, $1001 & $2001.

Garland Donations:

Day’s sponsor – $501Morning session – $251Evening session – $251ThiruKalyanam – $251Lord Shiva – $135

Devotees are encouraged to take this opportunity to offer their prayers to the Lord and seek his divine blessings.

Hara Hara Mahadeva!!                     Om Namashivaya!!                          Shivaya Namah!!

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March 2024 Functions

Date Day Functions Description
08/03/2024 Friday Maha Pradosham & Maha Sivrathri 5.30 p.m. Abhishekam for Nandhikeshwar & Sri Chandramouliswarar, Alanaram, Maha Deeparadhanai and Archanas.
14/03/2024 Thursday Karadayan Nonbhu
22/04/2024 Thursday Sri Natarajar Abhishekam 09.00am: Visesha Abhishekam for Sri Natarajar and Sri Abhirami followed by Alankaram, Maha Deeparadhanai and Archanas
22/03/2024 Thursday Thryothasi Pradhosham 5.30 p.m. Abhishekam for Nandhikeshwar & Sri Chandramouliswarar, Alanaram, Maha Deeparadhanai and Archnas
24/03/2023 Sunday Poornima 5.30 p.m. Lalitha Sahasranama archana for Sri Tripurasundari
25/03/2024 Monday Holi Festival & Panguni Uthitam 10.00am: Visesha Abhishekam for Sri Subramnya Swamy,Valli and Devasena followed by Alankaram, Maha Deeparadhanai and Archanas.
30/03/2023 Saturday   Shivalaya Prathishta Day 08.00am: Anughya, Sri Vigneswara Pooja, Punyaka Vachchanam, Kalasa Pooja, Rudhra Moola mantra Homam and Poornahuti followed by Visesha Abhishekam, Alankaram and Maha Deeparadhanai.


29/02/2024 Thursday Mahotsavam at Sri Shiva temple Poorvangam
01/03/2024 Friday Mahotsavam —1st day 9.00am:DhwajaArohanam commences, Navashanthi Rishabha Vahanam – Both in the Morning and Evening.  
02/03/2024 Saturday Mahotsavam – 2nd Day Padi Chattam;      Surya Prabhai Vahanam
03/03/2024 Sunday Mahotsavam – 3rd Day Padi Chattam & Adhikara Nandi Vahanam
04/03/2024 Monday Mahotsavam – 4th Day Padi Chattam Kailasa Parvatha Vahanam
05/03/2024 Tuesday Mahotsavam —5th day Kamadhenu Vahanam & Rishabha Vahanam
06/03/2024 Wednesday Mahotsavam – 6th Day Hamsa Vahanam & Sesha Vahanam
07/03/2024 Thursday Mahotsavam —7th Day Gaja Vahanam & Pushpa Pallakku 2.00pm: Meenakshi ThiruKalyanam
08/03/2024 Friday Mahotsavam —8th day Aswa Vahanam & Padi chattam Maha Shivarathri : 6.00pm – 1st Kaala Pooja ; 11.00pm – 2nd Kaala Pooja 1.00am – 3rd Kaala Pooja ; 03.00am – 4th Kaala Pooja
09/03/2024 Saturday Mahotsavam – 9th day 10.30aa: Rathotsavam (Chariot Festival) & Padi Chattam
10/03/2024 Saturday Mahotsavam —10th Day Concludes 9.30am: Choorna Utsavam ; 11.30am: TheerthaVari, 5.30pm: Dwaja AvarohanamPushpa Pallakku Dhwaja Avarohanam

All are Welcome! Please contact Temple office for further details:02-4214 9080

www.svtsydney.org May Lord shower his blessings.


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