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Sri Rudram

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Upcoming Events

Om Namo NArAyanAyA

Thank you for your generous donations in the past to the Sri Venkateswara Educational Building Fund. This is a gentle reminder as we approach the end of the Financial Year on 30 June 2022. As you are all aware we now have an approval from Wollongong Council to build an Educational Hall at the Temple that will have a library and ancillary facilities for a spiritual retreat and to conduct religious discourses. The Sri Venkateswara Educational Building Fund was established to receive donations to fund an educational-cultural facility to support and develop Hindu religious and cultural education among the Hindu community in Australia – especially to provide the younger generation with a facility for the furthering of the Hindu culture and education. This will not only make a significant contribution to the well-being of our society but also provide facilities to explain our philosophy and create a better understanding among followers of other faiths. We look forward to your generous donations for this facility. Donations of $2 and more are tax deductible Your donations may please be made by:
  • Donate Online.

    Click here to Donate Online Now

  • Direct transfer of funds (EFT) to the Sri Venkateswara Educational Building Fund Bank Account. Bank Account details are: Commonwealth Bank of Australia: BSB:062-190 Acct no: 1013-3620. Ref: SVEBF+”your last name”
  • Account Payee / Crossed Cheque made payable in favour of “Sri Venkateswara Educational Building Fund” to reach us on or before 30 June. The cheque shall be forwarded to Temple address  – 1 Temple Road, Helensburgh, NSW – 2508.
  • Cash or Credit Card. (Mastercard and VISA only) payments, can be made at the Temple counter. Alternatively, if you wish to provide your credit card details and the amount you wish to donate, please contact the SVEBF trustees listed below.
Note: To obtain a receipt, please write to Dr.S.Kana, with payment details. TRUSTEES:
  • Dr. S. Kanapathipillai: Work: 0415948047: AH (02) 9398 1867; Email: sangarkana@gmail.com
  • Mr. R.Kanagarajan: Work: 0422406771: AH: (02) 9311 7409; Email: k_kanagarajan@hotmail.com
  • Mr. K. Chandramohan: Work: 0411254154: AH: (02) 9763 2425; Email: mohantojo@optusnet.com.au

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Om Namo Bhagavathe VAsudevAyA

Om Nama Shivaaya

Manikkavachagar Guru Pooja Festival and Thiruvachagam Mutrothal (திருவாசகம் முற்றோதல்)

பெருந்துறையிற் சிவபெருமான் அருளுதலும் பெருங்கருணைப் பெற்றி நோக்கிக்

கரைந்துகரைந் திருகண்ணீர் மழைவாரத் துரியநிலை கடந்து போந்து

திருந்து பெருஞ் சிவபோகக் கொழுந்தேறல் வாய்மடுத்துத் தேக்கிச் செம்மாந்

திருந்தருளும் பெருங்கீர்த்தி வாதவூரடிகளடி யிணைகள் போற்றி

(சிவஞான சுவாமிகள் அருளிய காஞ்சிப் புராணம் - மாணிக்கவாசக சுவாமிகள் துதி)

Date: 3rd  JULY 2022 SUNDAY

Venue:  Shiva Temple complex.


8:30 am:     Abhishekam, alankaram and maha deeparadhana for Niruthi Valampuri Ganapathy followed by abhishekam for Manikkavachagar idol.

Chanting of selected Verses from Thirumurai one to Thirumurai Seven followed by the Chanting of entire Thiruvachagam 658 hymns concluding with selected songs from Thirumurai nine to twelve and vazthu padalgal.


Special Pooja for Manikkavachagar panchaloka idol and procession within Siva Temple complex followed by Maha deeparathana


Please be informed that there will be a lunch break between 12:30 p.m. to 01:00 p.m.


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