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Daily Poojas / Homams During Lock-down

Daily Poojas / Homams During Lock-down

Dear Devotee,

The Temple Management hopes and prays for the well being of our members, their families, our devotees and the general community as a whole. Always we, humans, in times of crisis seek the protection, guidance and blessing of the Almighty. In the current environment of COVID-19, devotees would normally wish to visit the temple, perform poojas and seek the Lord’s blessings. However, in view of the closure of the temple for the public and as well as restrictions placed on movement of people, they will not able to do so.

In order to provide relief for the devotees, the Management of the Temple has decided to perform two specific Homams daily for which devotees can make a booking through SVT website.

  • One for the Lord Sudarshana (for protection and untimely incidents) and Lord Dhanvantri (for relief and protection from diseases); and invoke their intervention, to put an end to the pandemic which has caused great grief to humanity, and seek the Lords’ blessings for the survival and prosperity of all living beings.

  • The other for Lord Shiva known as Maha Mrityunjaya Homam to give us strength to fight death/terminal illnesses and increase longevity.

Sudharshana and Dhavantri homamas will be performed daily at 10.00 am at Sri Venkateswara temple precinct.

Maha Mrityunjaya Homam will be performed daily at 5.00 pm at Shri Shiva shrine.

Devotees can book for these homams on line at a cost of $51.00 for each.

You can also make bookings for...

Abhishekam - $ 51

Archana - $ 15

Sahasranama Archana - $ 25

  • Please note: These reduced donation prices are only for the period, until the temple reopens for general public.

  • All these rituals will be performed in absentia (when the devotees are not physically present) by the Temple priests, who are the ones permitted to be at their workplace.

  • SVT would endeavour to send you the Prasadams by post, to the address, provided.

Click here for online bookings for Daily Pooja / Homam during Lock-down



"Nilanjana Samabhasam, Raviputram Yamaagrajam, Chhaya Maartanda Sambhootam, Tham Namaami Shanaishcharam"

Saniswaran or Sanibhagawan refers to the planet Saturn and is one of the Nine heavenly planets known as “NavaGraha”.He is the God of Justice and delivers results to all, depending upon their thoughts, speech and deeds.

Purattasi Sanivarams are celebrated as thanks giving days to Lord Sri Venkatesawara, who is believed to have descended on earth during this month and for having preserved the universe.

Purattasi Sanivarams this year are celebrated as priests-only events with Abhishekam for Lord Sri Venkateswara and Homam & Abhishekam for Lord Saniswaran.

For the convenience of our devotees, online bookings are available for in-absentia Archana, Abishekam, Homam and sponsorships to help fulfill their routine prayers and receive the blessings of the Lord Venkateshwara and Lord Saniswaran.

Dates: September 18, 25 & October 2, 9, 16.


08.00am : Homam for Lord Saniswaran followed by Abhishekam.

09.00am : Abhishekam for Lord Sri Venkateswara

Ritual Donations:

Homam: $51  Abhishekam: $51 Archana: $15

Garland Donations: Lord Venkateswara: $220 Lord Saniswaran: $110 Lord NavaGrahas: $ 90

Click here for online bookings for Purattasi Sani 2021


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