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Sri Lalitha Sahasranamam

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Upcoming Events

Om Nama Shivaaya 


 பூழியர்கோன் வெப்பொழித்த புகலியர்கோன் கழல்போற்றி 

ஆழிமிசைக் கல்மிதப்பில் அணைந்தபிரான் அடிபோற்றி 

வாழிதிரு நாவலூர் வன்தொண்டர் பதம்போற்றி 

ஊழிமலி திருவாத வூரர்திருத்தாள் போற்றி 

Thirugnana Sambandar Guru Pooja 


All devotees are invited to attend this program and to participate in "Gnana Sambandar Thevaram" chanting. All participating devotees will be provided with a copy of "Gnana Sambandar Thevaram” book for chanting . Devotees may participate in the whole program or a part thereof at their own convenience.

 Date: 22nd  May 2022 - SUNDAY

Venue:      Shiva Temple complex

 8:30 am: Abhishekam, alankaram and maha deeparadhana  for Niruthi Valampuri Ganapathy followed by abhishekam for  Thirugnana Sambandar idols. 

 Chanting of Sambandar Thevaram 

12:30 pm: Special Pooja for Thirugnana Sambandar panchaloka idol and procession within Siva Temple complex  

Maha deeparathana 

Om Namashivaaya 

Dear Devotee, Sri Venkateswara Temple depends on volunteers to assist the Management to conduct the daily activities of the temple such as manning the Front Desk Counter, giving a helping hand at the canteen, keeping the temple precincts and the adjoining areas clean, and many other similar chores. It has been a tradition for devotees and their family members to participate in these activities. However, with the outbreak of COVID the numbers have dwindled and we need fresh hands to help the temple provide the facilities and environment for devotees to pray and receive the blessing of the Lord. With the impending KumbAbhishekam fast approaching, SVT does require a few more hands to join the existing force and take it forward. Primarily we need volunteers to carry out tasks in the following areas during Weekends & Public Holidays. The primary tasks are:
  • Managing the Temple counter & the Souvenir shop;
  • Serving the customers in the canteen as well helping in the kitchen activities;
  • Helping in the Marquee arrangement during festivals and special occasions such as weddings;
  • Cleaning/mowing the temple grounds;
  • Maintaining flower plants and garden.
  • Cleaning of Temple vessels and upkeep of Sanctums;
Contributing a day in this manner would definitely bring lot of happiness and self- satisfaction in serving the Lord. We invite your expression of interest by notifying your area of interest along with preferred days and timings. Please click here to register or speak and leave your details with the person at the front desk counter. We certainly look forward to having you as part of this noble cause, serving the Lord.   Ohm Namo Bhagavathey Vasudevayah!!   SVTHL Management  

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