Special Projects

Master Plan To Construct

  • Annapurna Nilayam
  • New Canteen facility

SVT has obtained a DA for construction of “Annapurna Nilayam” primarily to facilitate Annadanam cooking and distribution during Festival days of Brahmotsavam and Mahotsavam. This project work is likely to commence in the next couple of months and estimated to be completed in 3 month’s time.

Upon completion this facility will be used as Temporary canteen. The present canteen area will then be demolished to make way for a new two storied structure, where the canteen will operate from one level and the lower ground is to house a library / meditation center. This space will also be used for conducting yoga classes and religious discourses.

SVT solicits the support and contributions from devotees and the wider Hindu community towards creating these necessary facilities. Donations can be made to the Temple’s account. Account Name: Sri Venkateswara Temple Assn. ; BSB – 062-190 ; A/c #: 1002-6024. To obtain a receipt, please email to treasurer@svtsydney.org

SVT Education Fund & Cultural Hall

Sri Venkateswara Educational Building Fund Trust is an entity formed to receive donations to fund a building of an Educational/Cultural Hall to support and develop Hindu religious and cultural education among the Hindu community in Australia, especially assist our children in this regard. Such facilities will make a significant contribution not only to the wellbeing of our society but also explain our religious philosophy to others and create greater understanding among the different faiths.

We invite our devotees to donate generously and receive the blessings of Lord Venkateswara, Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesha. Donations of $2 and over are tax deductible. Contributions can be made to the Trust account. Account Name: Sri Venkateswara Educational Building Fund; BSB – 062-190 ; A/c #: 1013-3620. To obtain a receipt, please email to the trustee Dr.S.Kanapathipillai : sangarkana@gmail.com

Click here to go to Donate Online page for SVEBF.

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