Volunteer roster

Dear Volunteers,

Due to volunteers individual commitments, we have shortage of volunteers for the following dates. Please contact our canteen manager Mr. Nama Namasivayam on 0418 408 678 or email at canteenmanager@svtsydney.org or click here to let canteen manager know for your availability for that date if you wish to help or make the difference.

Volunteers on duty please ensure your working area is always kept clean (wipe and clean spills and drops immediately). Follow food safety guidelines. Take your break and use the common dining area for consuming meals, avoid eating at the counter. Wear clean gloves and cover your hair all time while on duty.

We will make arrangements for Food and water (10L cans) for the volunteers on duty. Please ensure food items are consumed during duty time and not taken away. We keep serving the devotees until all run out or till 5:30 – 6 pm. Hence, please discuss with canteen manager if you prefer to take away excess food at the end.

S.NoDateNamesNo. of volunteers more needed
1Saturday 09 November 2019Rani, Pakky, Sreejith4. Click here to apply
2Sunday 10 November 20197. Click here to apply
3Saturday 16 November 2019Pakky, Suba, Vasanthi, Paru, Ranga, Ramesh v, Sridev2. Click here to apply
4Sunday 17 November 2019Pakky, Ravi, Srinivas N,Thangamani2. Click here to apply
Saturday 23 November 2019Sritharan, Rama, Satish C4. Click here to apply
5Sunday 24 November 2019Pakky, Sreejith5. Click here to apply
6Saturday 30 November 20197. Click here to apply
7Sunday 01 December 2019Pakky6. Click here to apply
8Saturday 07 December 2019Pakky, Rajesh, Sandya, Krishna,3. Click here to apply
9Sunday 08 December 2019Pakky, Ananth, ​Kalpagam, Baboo3. Click here to apply

Note: This page is frequently updated based on the volunteers need for that day. Please check this page very often and even your small help make the big difference.

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