Deities – Lord Chandikesa


He is there typically shown seated, with one leg dangling downwards, a hand on one thigh and an axe clasped in the other. He faces inwards towards the main temple wall. He is depicted as deeply lost in meditation, and devotees snap their fingers or clap their hands to attract his attention. Another explanation, since he is considered to be the guardian of the temple belongings, is that devotees clap their hands to show that they are leaving the temple empty-handed. It is also customary to leave even the sacred ash inside the temple itself.

Lord Shiva, pleased with the devotion of Chandesha also appointed him as the caretaker of his Wealth. While praying to Chandesha (or Chadikeshwara) in South Indian temples, devotees click their fingers or clap. This is to show to Chandikeshwara that their hands are empty and they are not taking away any wealth of Lord Shiva. Since, Chandikeshwara is always in deep meditation, this clicking / clapping sound is also to awaken Him before confirming to Him that no wealth is being taken away.


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