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Siva is one of the three principal deities of the Hindus: the others are Brahma and Vishnu. Siva has the power of annihilation or destruction of evil. He is also an ideal for simplicity in our life to renounce attachments to worldly objects. Other common names of Siva are Nataraja, Dakshinamurthi and Chandrasekara.


Vandhe Sambhum Umaapathim Suragurum
Vandhe Jagath Kaaranam
Vandhe Pannaga Bhooshanam Mrigadharam
Vandhe Pasoonaam Pathim
Vandhe Soorya Sasaanga Vahnni Nayanam
Vandhe Mukundha Priyam
Vandhe Baktha Janaasryam Cha
Varadham Vandhe Sivam Sankaram

I bow to Sambu the Lord of Uma and the teacher of the Devas. I bow to the Lord Who is the root cause of the entire world. I bow to the Lord, Who has the serpent as His ornament, Who carries a deer. I bow to the Lord of all beings. I bow to the Lord Who has the Sun, the Moon and the Fire as His three eyes. I bow to Him Who is fond of Mukundha. I bow to Him, Who is the refuge of all devotees and Who grants boons to them. I bow to Siva, the creator of all auspicious things.

Siva At SVT

In Sri Siva Vishnu Temple, Siva is in the form of a Lingam. The linga was brought from River Narmada. The lingam is the representation of Sri Ramanatha Swami of Raameswaram, who was worshipped by Rama before he crossed the ocean to destroy Ravana and free Sita. The sanctum and vimana of the Siva Shrine is built in Chola style architecture. Ganesha, Karthikeya, Dhaksinaamuthi, Brahma, Chandikeswara, Dhurga and Nandhi are kept in and around the Siva shrine.

Lingam is a representation, striving to give some concrete shape and form to the abstract, infinite, all pervasive God who is beyond shape and form. Like Brahmaananda or the cosmic egg, Lingam is another form seeking to represent the cosmos. It is also what survives Pralaya, the ultimate dissolution and end of all creation.

Auspicious Days And Festivals

Mondays and Pradhosham, thirteenth day of the fortnight are very auspicious to Siva. Maha Sivarathri is celebrated in grand style with puja’s and bhajans throughout the night. Dharsan of Siva on days with ‘Aardha star and prashodam puja on Mondays and Saturdays are very auspicious.

Special Offerings

Siva is Abhishekapriya, meaning one who adores sacred bath. Rudraabishekam, Rudra homam, Mrithyunjaya homam are performed to Lord Siva. Bilva leaf, Erukku, Thumba and Oleander flowers are auspicious to Siva.

Gayathri And Meaning

Tathpurushaaya Vidhmahe Mahadevaaya Dheemahi
Thanno Rudra(h) Prachodayaath.

We worship that ultimate being. Salutations to the Great Lord. May that Rudra stimulate our faculties.

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