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Subrahmanya is the son of Siva and Parvathi. Other common names of Subrahmanya are Karthikaya, Muruga, Kumara, Skandha, Shanmuga and Guha. Created out of six sparks from the central, third, eye of Lord Siva, for the special purpose of destroying the demon Soorapadma, Lord Subrahmanya has six faces. The Vel (spear) is His Divine weapon; it is also regarded as the source of all Knowledge and as the dispeller of ignorance. According to the legend, Subrahmanya explained the esoteric significance of “OM”, the Pranava Manthra, to His father, Lord Siva.


Shadaananam Kumkuma Raktha Varnam
Mahaamathim Dhivya Mayoora Vaahanam
Rudhrasya Soonum Sura Sainya Naatham
Guham Sadhaaham Saranam Prapadhye

At all times, I seek refuge with Lord Guha, the God with six faces, with the color of red vermilion and riding a divine peacock. He is supremely intelligent. He is the son of Rudra and Commander of the Deva army.

Subrahmanya At SVT

Subrahmanya is seen in the form of Muthukumara Swami, with his two consorts, Devasena, the celestial princess, and Valli, a hunter’s daughter. This form is a representation of the deity in Vaitheeswaran temple, in Tamil Nadu, famous for curing all diseases.

Auspicious Days And Festivals

Krithika and Sashti are auspicious to Subrahmanya. Valli Kalyanam is celebrated on Vaikaasi Visaakam day. Karthigai, Skandha Sashti, Thai Poosam, Masi Makam and Aadi Krittika are important festivals to Muruga.

Special Offerings

Special alankara with viboodhi, and sandal powder are performed to Lord Subrahmanya. Abishekam with Panchaamirtham, milk, sandal powder and rose water are special. On Festival days it is customary to go in a procession with “Kaavadi” with flowers, milk and rose water. Performing Valli Kalyanam is also very auspicious.

Gayathri And Meaning

Thathpurushaaya Vidmahe Mahaasenaaya Dheemahi
Thannashanmugkha(h) Prachodayaath.

We worship that supreme person; Salutations to that mighty warrior chief. May that six faced Lord stimulate our faculties.

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