Deities – Lord Vishwaksena


Vishwaksena, also known as Senai Mudalvar and Senadhipathi, which literally means “Army Chief” is the commander-in-chief of the army of the Lord Vishnu and the gate-keeper and “chamberlain” of Vishnu’s abode Vaikuntha. Vishvaksena is worshipped before any ritual or function in some Vaishnava sects. He occupies an important place in Vaikhanasa and Pancaratra temple traditions, where often temple festivals begin with his worship and procession.

The Kurma Purana describes Vishvaksena as born out of a portion of Vishnu, carrying a conch (shankhu), Sudarshana chakra (discus) and gada (mace) and a lotus, wearing yellow clothes like his master. In a hymn, the remark is that Vishwaksena carries all attributes of Vishnu, including the “Srivatsa” mark and his weapons.


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