Did you miss today’s Ceremony at SVT ? Don’t worry. Mark your diary for 19th March 23 at 9am onwards.

we are having re-Prathishtai of Sri Ramar, Sri.Seetha & Sri Lakshmanar + Viswaksenar and Sri Narasimhar & Sri Sudhasanar. You will have opportunity to lay gemstones and allowed to touch the deities before they are installed. A life time experience not to miss. All are welcome.

Between 10.00am and 12.00 Noon : Thanyathi Vaasam, Dhana Vaasam, Sayanadhi Vaasam and Nuthana Vigrahams Eye Opening Ceremony will be performed (for new Deities only)

Pandhakaal Prathishtai and re-Prathishtai of Deities.

On 12th March 2023, we conducted PunyakaVachanam; Pandhakaal Prathishtai followed by Manonmana Pramana Homam (மனோன்மன பிராமண ஹோமம்); which is Manam, Pramanam, Unmanam, Lamba Manan, which are basically scale measurements. This Homam is performed to eradicate any Doshams arising out of any variances in the measurements in the idol making.

Following Pandhakaal Prathishtai, Prathishtai of NavaGraraham, Dakshinamurthy, Idumban and Kaala Bhairavar Deities / Idols at Shiva Temple and Homam/Jalathi vasam for new idols at Vishnu Temple was conducted. Both ceremonies were attended by a number of devotees/sponsors, finishing with Annadhanam provided.


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