(From 6th December to 8th December 2019)

Pavithra Utsavam is derived from the combination of two words “Pavithra” (Holy) and “Utsavam” (Festival).

Pavithrothsavam is celebrated for the purpose of rectifying any omissions on the “aagama” injunction in the matter of conducting festivals and poojas during the entire year. The utsavam is celebrated to redeem from the failure to follow the prescribed rules.

PAVITHRA UTSAVAM Programme Details

08.00 AM : Thirupalli Ezhuchchi (Waking up of the Lord), Nitya Pooja, Punyavachanam, Abhishekam for Sri Venkateswara Utsavamurthy, Sri Mahalakshmi, Sri Andal , Sri Rama Lakshmana Sita Devi, Sri Vishwaksenar, Sri Sudarshana Muthy and Sri Garuda.

12.00 Noon: Midday Pooja

05.00 PM : Nitya Pooja, Sankalpam, Soma Kumba Pooja and Yagnam, Vaasthu Pooja & Homam, Raksha Bandanam

08.00 AM : Thirupalli Ezhuchchi (Waking up of the Lord), Nitya Pooja, Punyakavachanam, 108 Kalasa Pooja, Homam & Abhishekam. Pavithram Sathuthal (Draping of) for Sri Venkateswara and other Deities, Visesha Poojas. Chanting of Vedic Puranas & Bhagawad Gita & Poornahuti.and final poojas for the morning.

05.00 PM : Nitya pooja,, Poornahuti, Chanting of Vishnu Sahasranamam and final evening poojas.

08.00 AM : Thirupalli Ezhuchchi (Waking up of the Lord), Nitya Pooja, Shanthi Homam, Maha Poornahuti. Abhishekam / Alankaram for Sri Venkateswara, Sri Mahalakshim & Sri Andal Utsavamoorthys.

11.30 AM : GARUDA SEVAI – Procession of Utsavamoorthys on Garuda Vahanam followed by Theerthavari & concluding ceremonies of the festival.

Sponsorship Donations:

Abhishekam     – $ 101

Homam            – $ 151

Kalasa pooja    – $ 10

Archana            – $ 20

All are welcome to take part in the festival and seek the blessings of the Lord Sri Venkateswara and goddess Sri Mahalakshmi.

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