About Us - SVT Committee

Dr. K. Baska - President ( M) 0418 476 033 (H) 02 97476600
Responsibility: Overall Policy, People & Functions

Mr. R. Nat'arajan Iyer - Vice President (M) 0411069887
Responsibility: Temple / Pooja Rituals,Cultural Activities.

Mr.Sunil Kabra - Vice President (M) 0411 428 246
Responsibility: Development, Construction and Maintenance

Mr Seetha Raman (Baboo) - Secretary (M) 0433 118 811
Responsibility: Overall administration, Meetings, HR & Staff welfare, Public Relations, Website/Newsletter & Youth Affairs

Mr. Ramabhadra Rao Abbineni - Treasurer (M) 0410 650 726
Responsibility: Finance, Accounting, Tax/Audit.

Mr. Nama Namashivayam - Executive Member (M) 0418 408 678
Responsibility: Management of Canteen, Catering & Canteen Volunteers

Mr. Praveen Challa – Executive Member (M) 0419 905 607
Responsibility: Fund raising events and Membership promotion

Mr. Narasimhan – Executive Member / Asst Secretary (M) 0415 227 856
Responsibility: Admin Support, Annadhanam & Wedding/Function Coordination

Mr. Sangarapillai Subramaniam – Executive Member (M) 0425 283 539
Responsibility: Desk duty, Temple Volunteers & Admin support

Mrs. Meena Baska (M) 0418 476 033
Responsibility: Finance Admin Support, Pooja Rituals, Priest Welfare

Mr. Thirumurugan – Asst Treasurer (M) 0422 312 140
Responsibility: Accounting, Procurement & Logistics Admin

Mr. Jayachandran (M) 0413 435 397
Responsibility: Systems Management & IT Admin

Mr. K.S. Velayutham (M) 0469 052 720
Responsibility: Inventory Admin & Environment Issues

Mr. Alagappan Muthukaruppan (M) 0421 649 294
Responsibility: Inventory/Stock Admin, Community & Youth Affairs

The following Sub-Committees to carry out various tasks as listed below:

  • Pooja committee: Meena Baska, Nat Iyer, Kumar Mahadevan & Seetha Raman
  • Garland Making: Hema Chandramohan, Gnanam Muthukrishnan
  • Sound system/audio technician: Venkat Kjayaraman
  • Administrative support: Ratna Raja, Srinivasan & Saro, Nandini Iyer & Thirumurugan
  • Cleaning and Gardening : Velayudam & Alagappan
  • Logistics & general assistance: M. Chandrasekaran & Nages Nageswaran
  • Canteen: Packianathan, Sasi Nama and Rema Narasimhan

Temple Priests:

Shiva Temple: Sri. Ravi Kurukkal, Sri. Visweswaran, Sri. Shivashanmugam & Sri Sivaraja

Balaji Temple: Sri. Sridhar Bhattar & Sri. Santhosh

Correspondence : All Temple Emails to: enquiry@svtsydney.org

Contact Secretary: secretary@svtsydney.org

Contact phone number: 1300 626 663

All general correspondence should be posted to:

The Secretary, SVT Association Inc. Temple Road, Helensburgh, NSW 2508, Australia.

Other important email-ids:

Our Mission/Vision

Our Vision is to develop/manage Sri Venkateswara Temple, Helensburgh, as a pre-eminent Hindu Temple of world standing, for religious and spiritual engagement and development of all Hindus in Australia.

Our Values

  • Besides a place of worship, a Hindu sacred site, we consider SV Temple as an Institution of Excellence that serves and promotes Hindu religious and spiritual heritage and related educational, cultural, artistic aspects for all Hindu Communities in Australia.
  • We uphold that SVT is founded on Hindu Agama Shastra of ancient India and follow the religious traditions of south India, in its architecture, practices and performance (Pancharatra Agama with Vaishnava tradition at Sri Balaji Temple and Shaiva Agama with Shiva tradition at Shiva Temple)
  • We respect our Priests (Archakas) of our temple as uniquely qualified to uphold this tradition, devotions and services to Deities of our temple. We respect them for their well developed skills in performance of poojas, festivities and formalities according to Agama traditions. We respect them for their life-long dedication to serving the Lord and the devotees and for upholding the Hindu values (Dharma). We respect them for their sincere services to our families and community.
  • We respect that to be elected to the SVT Committee is a privilege. The Patrons & Life members of the SVT Association entrust the faith in us, every year, through a democratic election process. Thus we are the custodians of this holy site and are here to protect, develop and manage it well. We’re fully responsible, individually and collectively, to serve the Lord, the temple and the devotees as per the constitution.
  • We uphold the sanctity of the deities, the temple and its functions as our first and foremost priority.
  • We, as the committee, will run the affairs of the temple, the association, trust and related functions with ethics, professionalism, financial (fiduciary) responsibility, transparency and Governance under the legal/regulatory framework of Local, State & Federal Governments of Australia.
  • We’ll perform our duties and execute our responsibilities, in the best interest of the temple in order to serve the Hindu community, for now and into the future. Thus we’ll leave a legacy of a great temple for future generations.
  • We respect and serve all our devotees equally, irrespective of their background. In our services, we treat all devotees with respect, equanimity, equality and inclusiveness. We deal with all the matters and people and organisations associated with our temple with dignity, honesty, integrity, ethics and mutual support.
  • We will manage various functions of the temple with judicious use of scarce resources (water, energy, land, plants etc) in sustainable (green) way, to reduce waste, reduce carbon emissions and to protect the environment and the heritage of the site.
  • As good citizens of Australia, we respect all fellow citizens and their faiths and work towards a collective harmony in our society.

Thought of the week | Being maddened with pride, people think that they are doing everything and do not depend upon Him. - Sri Sarada Devi