Saturday the 22nd July 2023
Oh! Glittering creeping plant! Adorned many a bangle;
Thou had offered Him flower after adorning thyself;
Thou art capable of composing the ancient hymn and bless us;
Thou had prayed to achieve Vengada; favour us to serve Him;
Bless us, we may not transgress (His utterings).
Kadamba vana charineem Muni kadamba kaadambineem
Nitamba jitha bhudaraam suranitambini seevitaam
Navamburuha lochana Abhinavaambudha Shyamalam
Trilochana Kutumbineem Tripura Sundari maasraye 
Aadi Pooram Festival is being celebrated at SVT with special Abhishekam followed by Alankaram and Maha Deeparadhanai for Sri Andal (commencing at 8.30m) and Sri Tripurasundari, commencing at 9.00am.
Ritual Donnations:
Abhishekam    –  $101
Archana          –  $ 20
Garland Dontions:
For Sri.Andal               – $ 135
For Sri Tripurasundari – $  95
Devotees are welcome to participate in the Poojas and secure the blessings of the Goddesses.

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