30th September To 9th October


The word “Brahmotsavam” is a combination of two Sanskrit words “Brahma” and “Utsavam”. In one context, it is said that, Lord Brahma first performed this festival and hence Brahmotsavam is referred to as Festival celebrated by Brahma. 

In other context, the word Brahma refers to Grand or Huge and hence referred to as Grand Festival.

As per the legend, It is believed that Lord “BRAHMA” will descend to the earth to conduct this festival  and hence the festival got the name Brahmotsavam, To resemble this, a small empty wooden chariot known as “Brahmaratham” will move ahead of the processions of the Lord Sri Venkateswara.

This year the festival is being celebrated at SVT, between 30th Sept and 9th October. During the festival, the Utsava-murti (processional deity) of the presiding deity Lord Venkateswara, along with his consorts Sridevi and Bhudevi, will be taken on a procession on different Vahanams around the Temple.

Devotees are encouraged to take this opportunity to offer their prayers to the Lord and seek his divine blessings.

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Hari Om!                  Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevayah!                           Hari Om!       

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