Notice relating to COVID-19 Easement of Restrictions in NSW


The Department of Health, NSW have issued advice relaxing some of the restrictions placed on the conduct, movement and protective / preventive measures relating to the risk posed by the Covid-19. In view of the relaxation of some of the restrictions, the Management has now revised its advice to its devotees and visitors as follows:

  • To register at the “Registration Desks”, at the Temple gates. Please download the NSW Covid safe QR codes, displayed at entrance and follow the prompts. You are required to show the registration to the volunteer(s) manning the Registration Desk.

  • Visitors / Devotees are required to stand apart from each other with the 2 rule (0.5mtrs on all sides from the next person) within the temple premises and offer their prayers. They are asked NOT to congregate in front of the shrine.

  • With the 2 rule being implemented, the Temple Management will admit more devotees at any given time. At the same time, devotees are also encouraged to perform their prayers in a timely manner and exit the Temple to provide opportunity for those, who are waiting in the queue to have access to the temple.

  • Wearing of Face Mask: As indicated by the Premier of NSW, who stated that, “The Government still strongly recommends masks be worn in indoor settings where social distancing could not be guaranteed”, the Management has decided to make it “mandatory” and maintain the current practice of wearing of a face mask, whilst being inside the Temple Shrines.

  • Devotees / visitors can bring “Prasadams” whether home-made or otherwise, and distribute them, at the allocated location, to the devotees making sure that the rules relating to maintaining social distancing, are observed.

  • Group chanting / singing will not be permitted within the temple premises except where permission is sought and obtained from the Management. There shall be no impromptu chanting / singing at all circumstances.

  • Management trusts that each one of you would understand and appreciate the fact that, though the conditions are improving, it is good practice to exercise caution and be prudent rather than be sorry / repentant after a mishap.

  • Please do not engage in any argument with the volunteers, as they are only doing their duty. Let us all have a harmonious and pleasant experience.

In anticipation of your understanding and adherence to the guidelines, the Management of SVT wishes to extend a big “Thank You” to one and all.

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