Makara Sankaranthi – Pongal

Makara Sankaranthi – Pongal

Monday – 15th January 2024

15th January, 2024 signifies the northward movement of the Sun (Sankaranthi). To many Hindus, it also ushers in the New Year with newly-harvested grains cooked (Pongal) for the first time on that day.

Pongal is the festival of Thanksgiving for a bountiful harvest. Families gather to rejoice and share their joy with others. The Sun God is offered the “Pongal” of boiled rice and milk, sweetened with brown sugar, for His life-giving energy. It is a three-day festival of nature-worship that includes feeding the birds that are part of the nature and offering thanks to the cattle on Mattu Pongal.

 Bhogi Festival (14th Jan) is specially celebrated by the people of Andhra Pradesh. Bengalis celebrate Makar Sankaranthi with sweet rice called Pittha and the Holy Fair, Ganga Sagar Mela. Gujaratis celebrate Uttarayan with kite flying!


09.00am: Visesha Abhishekam for Sri Venkateswara Utsavamoorthy, Alankaram & Deeparadhanai.

10.00am: Visesha Abhishekam for Sri Varasidhi Vinayakar, Alankaram and Deeparadhanai.

Ritual Donation:

Abhishekam for Lord Venkateswara (Utsavamoorthy) – $101

Abhishekam for Lord Varasidhi Vinayakar – $101

Archana – $ 20

Garland Donation:

Lord Venkateswara (Utsavamoorthy) – $ 95

Lord Varasidhi Vinayakar – $135

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Ohm Namo Sri Bhagavathe Vasudevayah!!                                                    Ohm Sri Ganapathaye Namaha!! 

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