SVT Sydney Balalayam Updates

Postponement of Balalayam Conclusive Rituals to Aug 20/21 

Dear devotee,

We have been forced to postpone again the Balalayam Conclusive Rituals to August 20/21. Our sincere apologies for the second postponement. It was due to reasons beyond our control as explained below.

We expected the work related to renovating the floors and walls inside the Sanctum Sanctorum to be completed within two weeks but we could not proceed as planned due to the wet conditions prevailing inside, the inspection of which was possible only after the visit of the tradesmen. The work inside the shrines is now delayed and as a result, the conclusive rituals need to be postponed further to the 3rd weekend in August so as to conduct them in the auspicious month of Aavani.

On Saturday, the 20th August, commencing from 3:30 PM onwards, the rituals like Vigneshwara Puja, Sangalpam, Vaasthu Shanthi, Mrithsangrahanam, Rakshabhandanam, Kalakarshanam, Kalasa Pooja Homam, Poornahathi and Deeparadhana will be performed.

On Sunday, the 21st August, between 10 and 11 AM, the Balalayam conclusory rituals will be performed to transfer the divine presence of the deities back to the Moolvar Moorthies.

All are invited to join the puja and receive the blessings of God.

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