SVT Sydney Balalayam Updates – January 2023

Balalayam updates as of January 2023 

Dear devotees,

As you have noticed around the Temple, repairs, renovations and paintings are carried out in a very fast phase to ensure they are completed in time for the Maha Kumbabishegam ceremonies commencing from 6th April 2023 for the Big Day on 10th April 2023.

Please note the following changes to Abishegam arrangements at the Temple:

As we have completed Balalayam ceremonies on 18/01/2023 on various deities at both Siva and Perumal Temples, we will be able to do Abishegam for Utsava Moorthies for the following:

  • Sri Ramar

  • Sri Hanuman

  • Sri Narasimhar

  • Sri Sudharsanar and

  • Sri Viswak Sena

and please note that Abishegams will not be performed on the following until Kumbabhishegam:

  • Sri Garudalwar

  • Sri Idumbar

  • Sri Bairavar

  • Sri Dhakshina Murthy

  • Sri Navagraha Murthies

All are invited to join the puja and receive the blessings of God.

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