Thai Poosam


“Thai Poosam” is a sacred Hindu festival that is celebrated to commemorate the triumph of good over evil.
The day of Thaipusam is observed annually during the ‘Pusam’ star in the Tamil month of ‘Thai’.
The Thaipusam festival assumes immense significance since it celebrates the day when
Goddess Parvati presented the Divine ‘Vel’ to Lord Murugan to vanquish the demon army led by ‘Surapadman’.


The ‘Vel’ (lance) was given to Lord Murugan to eliminate the three demons,
Surapadman, Singamugan, and Tarakasura, who represent the forces of hatred, greed, and arrogance.
The mighty ‘Vel’ was invested with the ‘Shakti’ or power of Goddess Parvati and used by
Lord Murugan to kill the three asuras. Thus, it has come to be regarded as a symbol of purification.
The ‘Vel’ also serves as the protective and purifying force of Lord Murugan and
the occasion of Thaipusam is celebrated to glorify these benign forces.



Sunday the 27th January 2019 – Commencing at 10.00 AM

Paal Kudam & Kaavadi Attam
Abhishekam, Alankaram & Sodasa Upachara Deeparadhanai for
Sri Subramanya Swamy, Sri Valli & Sri Devasena.
Mayil (Peacock) Vahana Purappadu (procession) within the Temple.

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