VARUNA JAPAM YAGNA – Sunday the 29th December 2019

Aum Jalbimbaye Vvidmahe
Nila Purushaye Dhimahi
Tanno Varunah Prachodayat

VARUNA JAPAM YAGNA intended to satisfy the downpour God Varuna to accord bounteous downpour. It is also performed to satisfy the almighty to guarantee world peace and prosperity of Humanity. It is believed that the Vedic custom would summon downpour Lord Varuna to shower his blessings as a rainstorm.

Lord Varuna, the bestower of rains, is assuaged to offer his blessings as showers to make ones home and nation rich with water’s vicinity.

To invoke the blessings of the Lord Varuna to offer us adequate showers, which would both provide us a relief from the prevailing dry conditions and to augment crop fertility / prevent loss of cattle and calves in the nation’s lands, SVT is performing “Varuna Japa Yagna on Sunday the 29th Dec 2019.


Ritual Programme:


09.30am: Kalasa Pooja & Varuna Homam

10.45am: Poonahuthi

11.00am:  Abhishekam for Lord Shiva followed by Alankaram and Maha Deeparadhanai


Rital donations:


Homam            – $151

Abhishekam     – $101

Archana           – $20


All are welcome to participate in this event, which is being performed for the benefit of the wider community in this land and seek the blessings of the Lords.

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