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“Bhoomi” meaning the ground & thus “Bhoomi Pooja” is to honour, worship and devotional respects being paid to the Bhoomi.

Bhoomi, in Hinduism, points to Bhooma Devi, Mother Earth portrayed as a Goddess. Any site needs the blessing of the “Vasthu Devata”, to ensure that the structure to be erected has his permission and it ultimately leads to prosperity.

It thus can be interpreted as the ceremony performed to honour Mother Earth and the Vasthu Devata, before one erects any kind of structure or brings about any change to the ground below and the site surroundings; we seek their permission and blessings.

The Vedas have exceptional sutras and psalms to conciliate the different energies surrounding us. Through this pooja, following the Vedic rituals, we assimilate that energy present in the Bhoomi, the specific site of the pooja, reduce / moderate the effects of negative vibes and thereby benefit from the overall positivity of the natural elements.

Bhoomi Puja is performed typically prior to the construction of any structure. It is performed in accordance with Vasthu Shastra.

The Vasthu Devata is also invoked during the pooja and prayers offered.


Date: Saturday, the 27th July 2019

Time: 07.42 to 08.18 AM

Site location : Opposite to the Marquee, behind Shiva Shrine.


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