We are happy to announce, that the Board of Directors have decided to celebrate the annual Brahmotsavam Festival, as originally scheduled, beginning on 19th  September (DwajaArohanam) and concluding on 28th  September 2020 (DwajaAvarohanam). However, we will not be celebrating the Utsavam with the same flourish as in the previous years on account of the pandemic which is still lingering around. We will be observing the rules and restrictions currently in place in conducting the festival such as maximum number of devotees (limited to one hundred only at any given time) and will insist on devotees observing social distancing and four-square meters per person rules & wearing of face-mask.

We will, as usual, follow the established religious traditions, not compromising on the ritual or the spiritual aspects of the festival.

The Board also decided that, in order to comply with the health and safety rules, we would not be  bringing out the “Vahanas” for the Lord to be taken around, within and outside, the temple. Instead the Utsavamoorthys would be placed on the “Padichattam” and taken for a Pradhakshanam around the pragarams of Perumal shrine only.

In regard to Annathanam the decision was that, the wishes of those dedicated devotees who had been cooking and serving all these years will be respected; and they would be allowed to serve food for a maximum of 150 devotees only. Those sponsors will be advised to prepare a simple menu and the meal would be boxed and distributed to the devotees, after the morning pooja.

Sponsors are advised not to bring in cooked food or even prasadam for the Lord, for distribution. All items of food must be prepared in the old kitchen next to the canteen. The temple will provide the necessary facilities for the preparation of the food.

A detailed programme listing, will ensue in due course of time.

–  SVT Management

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