COVID-19 Face Mask – July 2022

Dear Devotees / Visitors,

Namaskaram / Namaste. Good Day!

There is an increased number of COVID cases reported every day now. As you can appreciate, in the Temple, social distancing is too hard especially when there is a puja happening at the shrines! As the priests cannot cover themselves with facemasks at all times due to their nature of work, it is important that the devotees going near the priests will need to wear facemasks. Further to these reasons, there are also a number of renovation works happening in and around the temple leading to possible increase in dust level too.


Hence, the Temple Management has decided to make wearing Facemasks mandatory inside the Temple premises on the weekends. This comes to effect from Saturday 23rd July 2022 until further notice!

The inconvenience is regretted but your cooperation and support to this initiative is sincerely requested to ensure safety of the staff, workers as well as all the devotees visiting the temple!

Your cooperation in this matter is appreciated. Thank you.

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