SVT Sydney Balalayam Updates

Postponement of Balalayam Conclusive rituals from July 9/10 to July 16/17

Dear devotee,

As communicated on June 28th, 2022, the commencement of Balalayam in Shiva Temple went well on July 2 and 3 completing all the rituals and the divine presence of deities were transferred to the Balalyam Kalasams.

However, due to the extreme weather conditions experienced in the last one week, the renovation work didn’t proceed as scheduled. As a result, the conclusive rituals planned for July 9 and 10 are postponed to the following weekend.

On Saturday, the 16th July, commencing from 3:30 PM onwards, the rituals like Vigneshwara Puja, Sangalpam, Vaasthu Shanthi, Mrithsangrahanam, Rakshabhandanam, Kalakarshanam, Kalasa Pooja Homam, Poornahathi and Deeparadhana will be performed.

On Sunday, the 17th July, between 10 and 11 AM, the Balalayam conclusory rituals will be performed to transfer the divine presence of the deities back to the Moolvar Moorthies.

All are invited to join the puja and receive the blessings of God.


Dr Kanag Baska


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