Covid-19 Update – Wollongong placed under Lock-down



As you may be aware / have heard on the News, the Department of Health, NSW Government is very concerned about the latest spike in the number of new cases of positive nature cropping up in the last few days. The new strain which potentially spreads faster, has necessitated the Government to enforce a complete Lock-down of certain suburbs, of which WOLLONGONG is one, where our Temple is located.

The NSW Government have categorised the following as essential services.

– travelling to your home, work, education, childcare or for shared parenting arrangements.

– obtaining medical care, health supplies or to fulfil caring responsibilities.

– visiting shopping centres for essential purchases.

– accessing public services

It is clearly evident that, a Place of worship has NOT been classified as an “essential service” and hence, in accordance with the directive and to comply with the promulgated restrictions, the SVT Management has decided to keep the Temple closed for Devotees / Visitors, until 9th July 2021 and revisit the decision, based on further recommendations from the NSW Government.

We trust that each one of you would understand and appreciate the conditions under which we are living at the moment and extend your co-operation by not visiting the Temple during the closure period, and thereby avoid  inviting any impediment / disrepute to the organisation.

In anticipation of your understanding and adherence to the guidelines, the Management wishes to extend a big “Thank You” to one and all.

Please Note: The priests would continue to perform “Nithya Poojas” to the presiding deities and “Online bookings for Poojas to be performed in Absentia” are accepted and encouraged.

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