Pandemic Covid-19 – 4th Update


In line with the relaxation to the number of people permissible at religious gatherings / places of worship, maintaining 4 rule, at SVT, we would be accommodating the following numbers at a given time.

Sri Shiva Temple – 200 people.
Sri Vishnu Temple – 150 people.

At the same time, the Temple management will continue to implement the guidelines / strong recommendations of the Department of Health – NSW.

The following practices, which have been implemented since Jun / Jul will be continue to be in place and are to be adhered to, by all the visitors without any compromise.

  • To register at the “Registration Desks”, at both the Shiva Temple and Vishnu Temple, by writing the names of each and every individual gaining entry in to the premises along with their phone numbers.

  • The volunteers would check the temperature of each and every individual gaining access to the Temple.

  • Visitors would be given a token at each of the Temple mentioned above, which shall be returned back at respective counters at the time of exiting the Temple. This measure is to enable the Temple volunteers to monitor the number of devotees inside the Temples and adhere to the maximum permissible numbers.

  • Visitors / Devotees are required to stand in marked spots which are spaced out with the 4, rule (1.5mtrs on all sides from the next person) and offer their prayers and NOT to Congregate in front of the shrine.

  • The above measure would apply to devotees / visitors, waiting in the queue to gain entry as well, unless otherwise from the same house-hold.

  • Devotees are also encouraged to complete their prayers in a timely manner and exit the facility to provide opportunity for those, who are waiting in the queue to gain entry.

  • Wearing of Face Mask, whilst being inside the Temple has been made mandatory based on the strong recommendations from NSW Health Dept, since August 2020. Devotees are advised to bring their own masks or can choose to buy one from the counter.

  • Devotees / visitors are implored NOT to bring any “Prasadams” whether home-made or otherwise, as distribution of the same will not be entertained.

We trust that each one of you would understand and appreciate the conditions and extend your co-operation, without inviting any impediment / disrepute to the organisation.

In anticipation of your understanding and adherence to the guidelines, the Management wishes to extend a big “Thank You” to one and all.

SVT Management

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