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The Government of New South Wales has issued a further directive relaxing the number of devotees attending a place of worship by increasing it from 10 to 50.

Consequently, the Board of Management has decided to reopen the temple/s effective from 1st June 2020 to enable the Devotees to offer their prayers and receive the Almighty’s blessings.

As we consider Sri Venkateswara Temple and Sri Siva Temple as two separate places of worship for the purpose of visits under current circumstances, would allow only Fifty worshippers for each temple at any given time. Likewise, we consider the Canteen, which only operates during weekends, as an independent place of business outside the temples and therefore permit a maximum of 50 customers, at any one time, to purchase food.

The Government Directive retains certain rules/regulations and conditions to ensure that there is low risk of transmission of infection from person to person. We consider it as our duty to maintain a safe environment to safe-guard the worshippers and visitors, and therefore have in place appropriate procedures which all visitors to follow as per the Information Sheet attached.


Key Messages


  • Do not visit the temple if you exhibit any symptoms of cold, cough or fever

  • Do not bring along with you any member of your family or group who exhibit any symptom of cold, cough or fever;

  • The number of devotees to the Shrines will be monitored and managed by volunteers and we expect every worshipper/visitor to comply with the volunteers’ directions and requests;

  • You must maintain social distancing within the temple and at the canteen at all times, that is, one and half meters from one another as well as four-square meters per person;

  • We request you to perform your prayers in an orderly and timely manner and exit the temple as soon as possible, so that we can allow other waiting worshippers to have access to the temple.

  • Expect delays in entering the temple as well as obtaining your desired services:

  • Remain patient. The new arrangements are going to be the “new” normal in the future;

  • Do not bring “Prasadams” home-made or otherwise, as distribution of the same will not be permitted within the Temple grounds




Procedures to follow by all worshippers and visitors to the temple


Entry to the temple and car parking


  • Worshippers and visitors can enter the temple only through the Main Gate located near Walker St and in front of Sri Siva Temple;

  • It will be first come fist served basis. We will permit only 5o cars to enter the temple complex through the main gates. Volunteers will be manning the gate and comply with their directions and requests.

  • Everyone must sign the attendance sheet providing his/her name, address, contact number, car registration for purpose of contact tracing if necessary;

  • Your body temperature would be measured and recorded. People with high temp level would not be able to gain entry.

  • Wash your hands with soap before entering the Temple, which is provided at the entrance. A simple wash of hands from the taps at the entrance to the Temple would suffice,

  • You may bring your own Sanitizers for your use.

  • It is recommended you wear a face mask while at the temple but it is not compulsory

  • Discard used facemasks/tissues / paper towels etc. in the bins provided for the purpose.

  • Do not leave any wastes within the temple / canteen counters and adjacent precinct / shoe racks etc.

  • Avoid touching the sculptures, walls etc in the Temple.


At the Counter & Shrines:


  • Pay for your Archana and other rituals at the counter. Payments can be made by Debit/Credit cards as well as cash, although we encourage using cards in place of cash.

  • Archana Bowl will be placed on the counter desk to be picked up by the devotee.

  • The devotee shall take the same to the shrine and leave it on the table for the priest to pick up and perform the Archana / Ritual.

  • There will no face to face “Sangalpam” and the priest would only read out the “Names”, “Gothram”, “Natchathra” and “Rasi” when performing the pooja

  • Upon completion of Archana, the priest would place it on the table for you to collect it.

  • Prasadams like “Viboothy” “Kumkum” and “Chandan” will not be distributed by the Priest, but placed in the Archana bowl given given by you.


At the Canteen:


  • Devotees are required to stand in a queue for placing the order for food maintaining the required social distancing:

  • We prefer the customers to order take-away Food. You may still order and eat it at the temple premises at the table reserved for the purpose. However, first preference will be given to take-away orders;

  • The prepared food will be placed on the top of the counter and the respective customers (when their token number is called) can collect them;

  • Only sit and eat at the reserved tables and ensure that you clean the table and dispose the used plates etc in the bin before you leave.

  • Abide by any special guidelines and directions exhibited at the canteen;

  • Wash your hands with soap at the tap located adjoining the canteen.

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