Rituals on Sunday the 26th April 2020


Sunday the 26th April 2020 

It is an inherent belief in the Hindu faith, that we seek the the Almighty’s strength and guidance to solve those matters which are beyond our human capability. The latest Pandemic situation is one such, which is threatening the existence of human kind and greatly affects the normal life.

Hence, SVT has planned for performing Lord Shiva Asthara Homam and Kalyana Utsavam for Lord Venkateswara to invoke their intervention, to put an end to the  situation, which is causing great grief to the Human kind and seek the Lords’ blessings for the universal survival (Loka Shemam) and its living beings.

These rituals will be performed in absentia / sans devotees’ physical presence. However, devotees / families can participate by offering to sponsor for their preferred ritual through online registration. Prasadams will be sent to your nominated address.

Day: Sunday the 26th April 2020


Shiva Asthara Homam             – $ 51

Srinivasa Kalyana Utsavam    – $101

Ohm Namashivaya!!!                    Ohm Shri Bhagavathe Vasudevayah!!!

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