Interest free loans to SVT

Interest free loans to SVT

Dear Devotee,

Namaskaram / Namaste.

The Annapurna Nilayam which is opposite to Marquee facility was completed entirely with internally generated contributions from people like you. Sri Venkateswara Temple Helensburgh Welcomes Interest Free Loans to fund for Capital Projects. These funds would enable the temple to undertake major capital works and various maintenance programs.

Some of the major plans are:

  • Improvement & Maintenance works on Temple / Sanctums

  • New Canteen facility

  • Improvement and Enhancements of Marquee

  • Maha Kumbabhishekam includes various enhancements including construction of Vasantha Mandapams at both perumal and shiva shrines

  • Landscaping around the temple

Minimum loan amount is accepted from $5000 and the minimum period of loan is 3 years. If you wish to discuss or interested to offer Interest Free Loans to SVT, please click here to fill out the form and our temple representative will contact you to discuss further details.


Interest free loans to SVT form

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